Stills are too boring for you?

A movie can wow your audience. Our movies can be embedded in your website, used for presentations or exhibitions, or can be shown as a commercial in Television.

  • From the script to the finished movie: We consult with you and develop a perfect concept that delivers the desired impact. Our professional expertise derives from being educated at the University of Television and Film in Munich, one of the most renowned film universities in Germany.
  • Music: Combined with the right music, the movie will immediately hook your audience. We arrange your exclusively composed music or purchase the licenses of your favorite existing track. Your rhythm is our command.
  • Range: Commercial & corporate video, product- & training movie

Costs: The costs of a movie production vary depending on the idea and the time involved. Small projects can be done with a small team and a small budget; however, if you want to illuminate the big screen or desire complex shots, a lot of expertise will be needed. The same range of prices you will find in post production regarding a simple editing or expensive special effects. Therefore the costs of a movie only can be estimated after an initial consultation about the idea and requirements. But don't be discouraged by that: Film is our area of expertise! We are pleased to advise you and will be sure to find the best solution for eye and wallet in mind.


Companies we have worked for

Some of the Movies and Documentaries we made
Diorama, Drama/Experimental, 28 min
- Funded by The Bavarian Film and Television Fund
- Co-Producer: HFF Munich
Close Up Brazil, Short Documentaries, 6x 20 min
- Broadcasted in German Television ARD Alpha
- Producer: HFF Munich
Resi, Documentary, 20 min
- German Youth Video Price 2014
HFF Munich, Short Movies
- University of Television and Film Munich (HFF Munich)
Zivilcourage, Drama, 19 min
- Bavarian Youth Film Price 2012
Der letzte Streich, Adventure/Comedy, 70 min
- Independent & No-Budget Feature Film
- was running in local theatres

Behind the scenes